What is Your Ideal Color Palette According to the Zodiac?

By Stephanie Watson

Whether you’re consciously aware of it or not, color is a huge part of our lives. We make decisions based on them every day, after all. We base the colors in our outfits on our mood, or the colors of the season. We choose the book with the darkest colors on the cover because it implies a thrilling and shocking journey. And we all prefer the donuts with rainbow sprinkles, because hey, you really can taste the rainbow.

Colors are rich in metaphorical meaning, in spiritual circles particularly. So what kind of colors should you introduce, or put emphasis on when it comes to fashion, choice of jewelry, or pretty much any area of your life? Your astrological sign can lead the way.

Obviously there’s not just one color for you, and some signs will overlap with many colors. But if you want to focus on a couple of shades to get yourself started, here’s our nifty astrological color guide...

Gemini, Cancer and Aquarius on blue background with lifestyle images including DYLAN LEX jewelry

Cold colors like blue and green are symbolic of peace and self-preservation. Blue of protection, and green of growth. Unsurprisingly, blue tones are the best friend of the water-bearer air sign Aquarius. As a naturally protective sign, Cancers also gravitate to blue shades. Light greens such as lime and willow-tree are also perfect for Gemini and Cancer signs. These colors also have a calming effect, which is particularly helpful for when Aquarius’ begin to lose their temper. Geminis also tend to become irate and judgmental during tense times. So having a nice sparkly emerald colored necklace across your neck, like our Freya piece, or a flowing baby blue dress to meditate in, is an instant relaxant.

Leo and Scorpio zodiac signs on orange background with lifestyle image including DYLAN LEX jewelry

Warm tones such as custard, gold, and tangerine are THE colors for Leos and Scorpios. Associated with joy and happiness, yellow in particular is the ultimate cheering up color for whenever you need a pick me up. Leo’s ruling planet is the sun, so glowing golden is key to showing your true, courageous soul. Orange is a powerful mix of the power of red, and the contentedness of yellow, so it’s the perfect shade for Scorpio; the competitive yet considerate sign that takes no sh*t from anybody. Draping yourself in a citrus sweater or statement gold chain like our Gilded West, will show off your glow.

Aries and Sagittarius on red background with lifestyle images including DYLAN LEX jewelry

Red; the color of passion, power, anger, and love. As one of the most fiery and chaotic signs, Aries experiences every one of them, and was born to dress in the deepest of the warm colors.

Like Aries, Sagittarius signs are adventurous and sensual, and red can make you feel like that in an instant. Brown shades don’t sound too exciting at first glance, but it’s the color of stability, healing, and honesty; all pillars of what Aries and Sagittarius stand for, once you get past the impulsive and impatient traits. Since Fall is round the corner, it’ll be pretty easy to add a dash of saffron or tawny to your wardrobe, especially if you pair your LRDs (Little Red Dress) or brown fleece jackets with our Gilded Phoenix necklace.

Taurus and Pisces on purple background with lifestyle images including DYLAN LEX jewelry

Pink is a pretty universal color, as it appears in most astrological signs’ color charts. But for Taurus and Pisces, pink is LIFE. It represents friendship and inner harmony; both traits being the staple of Taurus, who are dependable and loving. It’s a very soft and delicate color, just like Pisces who are sympathetic and compassionate. It’s one of the reasons why pink appears so much in get well soon cards, nursing uniforms, and other wellness related places. It’s comforting. Purple is similar, yet has the force of red and the calmness of blue intertwined. It’s a royal color associated with luxury, and no one knows their own luxurious worth than these two signs. Our luxury earrings, Reagan, are a lush rose gold that is the pinkest form of precious metal you can find. The perfect purple scarf is also waiting for you when the Fall kicks in.

Capricorn, Libra and Virgo on gray background with lifestyle images including DYLAN LEX jewelry

Monochrome colors are not only timeless in fashion, but they’re also great bridging shades between the colorful and the subtle. Black is comforting, whereas white is refreshing, and most signs are as drawn to both as much as bright colors. Capricorn, Virgo, and Libra: these are your shades. Monochrome is as mysterious as you, Virgo, as dependable as you, Libra, and as practical as you, Capricorn. Silver was also made for you, because not only do you shine, but you’re tough too. Any silver piece of jewelry would suit your mono-chrome outfits, but especially Remi, who’s as glamorous as you are. From black leather to white shirts, there’s no doubt that your wardrobe isn’t already full of monochrome clothes. Life is full of shades of gray, and extreme shades that keep things interesting, and no matter what sign you are, you can see yourself in every hue.

Let us know your sign and favorite colors in the comments! Do they match?!


Stephanie Watson is a freelance journalist and copywriter from the UK, who specializes in psychology, sociology, and the beauty industry. She's a budding novelist on the side, and hopes to one day make it her full time career.