Which DYLAN LEX Necklace Are You?

By Stephanie Watson

We all have a necklace that fits our personality to the letter; a soul mate piece of jewelry that tells the world who you are. But it can be difficult to find this soul mate, after all, how can you possibly encapsulate your entire personality into one pendant? What if you don’t know which style suits you best? Where can you even start looking?

Finding a necklace that screams “YOU” all comes down to three things: your moods, your actions, and your perfect imperfections. These things make up who you are, so keeping this in mind while finding your perfect necklace is key. Oh, and your favorite color, but that’s a given.

How do you define yourself? That's what really matters here. So, are any of these necklaces your soul mate? Take a look…

DYLAN LEX Shelley: creative, clever, imaginative

From our Vital Voices collection, Shelley reflects your creative spirit. Named after Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley, the mother of science fiction and a feminist activist, this 18k gold--plated necklace with Swarovski crystals, represents imagination, innovation, and intelligence. You are a powerhouse of artistic and progressive ideas, and nothing can stand in your way. Though sometimes you forget that hard work isn’t everything, and don’t indulge in relaxation as much as you should.

DYLAN LEX Rue necklace: powerful, strong, confident

Rue is the fire in your belly, the confidence in your veins. You’re more than just a glass half full person, your glass is overflowing! You’re so self-assured, that you sometimes forget that relying on others is okay. But nonetheless your powerful mind can handle every hurdle that comes your way. Made with Moroccan cherry amber resin beads and rose gold plating, Rue makes a statement just like you do every day when you tell yourself: I am capable, I am strong.

DYLAN LEX Voss necklace: romantic, lover of luxury, traditional

Voss is the hopeless romantic you grew up to be, after years of dreaming. You wear your heart on your sleeve (or in this case, your neck) and nothing can deter you from your goals. Whether it’s finding the perfect partner, creating unique art, or seeking a life of splendor. You’re also prone to deep disappointment and broken hearts, but Voss’s Swarovski crystals encrusted heart shaped pendants will never do you wrong.

DYLAN LEX Daphne necklace: chill, empathetic, spiritual

You’re a lover of comfort, just like Daphne. You like to make a statement, without begging the world to look at you. Effortless is your middle name, and you’d prefer a day in bed over a club night any week. Daphne is a stunning 18k gold-plated piece that can make you feel like the coziest princess ever. Your kind heart and relaxed nature makes everyone green with envy, but just remember to pull your head out of the clouds now and again!

DYLAN LEX Capri necklace: a born leader, feminist icon, driven

A born leader, a feminist icon, that’s Capri. You fight for what’s right, and you won’t compromise on anything that will put you in the corner. Capri's rose gold plating and hexagonal beads are unique, vibrant, and make the boldest statement, just like your progressive words. Whether you’re advocating for the new revolution, or promoting queer icons, you get your voice out there. You get irritated easily but let’s face it, who doesn’t? Especially when you’re fighting for the greater good!


Which necklace is your bosom-buddy? Let us know in the comments!


Stephanie Watson is a freelance journalist and copywriter from the UK, who specializes in psychology, sociology, and the beauty industry. She's a budding novelist on the side, and hopes to one day make it her full time career.