Repair Policy

DYLANLEX offers lifetime repairs on any jewelry product from the DYLANLEX product line. After initial contact with our customer service team at, each item will be inspected to determine repair timing. Each repair can take up to 16 weeks from receipt to our factory. Our customer service team will be in touch at least monthly to give updates. For the repair to be performed, all components, pieces, crystals, and parts must be provided by customer. Non-Jewelry Accessories, Clothing and items from the DLNLX line are NOT eligible for repair.  Since all DYLANLEX items are handmade, variation may occur. DYLANLEX cannot guarantee that repairs will be possible for items damaged through extraordinary circumstances or unreasonable, unexpected, or reckless use and treatment. Any such determinations of use and treatment will be at DYLANLEX discretion. If damaged components must be replaced, they will be replaced with components as close to the originals as possible, at the discretion of DYLANLEX.

All items from the DYLANLEX product line can be found and identified by visiting the link

DYLANLEX does not provide repairs on items from the DLNLX BY DYLANLEX product lines.

Please note, this repair and replacement policy only applies to items damaged via normal wear use, or as a result of pre-existing defect. If it is determined that the product was intentionally damaged, or damaged through accident or negligence outside the control of DYLANLEX, the claim may be rejected at the discretion of DYLANLEX. Rejection of such a claim may result in the customer being responsible for paying the necessary fees to retrieve their defective merchandise.


To initiate your repair or replacement, you will be taken to an automated form. Completion of the form will initiate your claim into our customer service system, as well as guide you through the proper steps necessary to process your claim. Simply click the link below, follow the on screen instructions, and answer the questions as they appear.

After submitting the completed form, you will be redirected to a confirmation page. You must print that confirmation page, and include it in your return package. That confirmation sheet will allow DYLANLEX customer service to identify your package. Without that confirmation page, your package could be significantly delayed or lost entirely.

Please allow 16 weeks from the date of repair received to our manufacturer and return back to the customer. There will be a lifetime warranty repair fee of $45. Dylan Lex will provide the customer with a UPS Label to send their repair to our PO Box. Dylan Lex will also cover shipping back to customer post repair.


After confirming that your return conforms with all indications and following all packing instructions and procedures.

Again, we must emphasize that the confirmation page be printed and included in your return package. We also recommend that you save a copy of the confirmation page for your personal records.