Dressing for Your Astrological Birth Chart, Yes That’s a Real Thing!

By Stephanie Watson

Have you ever used your horoscope to figure out what to wear? Maybe it told you triumph is just around the corner, so you throw on your favorite power suit, blazer, or the ring you were wearing during your last successful job interview. Unique pieces of jewelry and clothing can represent the biggest changes and accomplishments in our life.

But what if I told you that it can go even deeper? You can actually use your birth, or natal star chart to determine your style. Your birth chart is basically a visual representation of how the night sky looked the moment you were born. It shows where your zodiac’s constellation and other celestial bodies were in relation to the sun, via the vantage point of Earth. In other words, it’s like a predictive map.
Zodiac chartAstrological chartBirth chart

Finding your birth chart isn’t as difficult as you’d expect. You can generate one here by typing in your name, date of birth, and what time you were born. From then on you'll be shown your natal chart report, which outlines the positions of the planets and the ascension of your sun and moon sign. You may be thinking, wha-- what does this even mean? But don't worry, you'll pick it up as you go along.

Okay so those are the charts, but...what’s this got to do with clothes and jewelry? How can we look at the vaguely scientific gibberish above and find out which necklace to wear? Well, like everything zodiac, each sign whether it’s descending or rising, is symbolic of your personality. Translating that personality into fashion becomes second nature with practice. Chances are you’re already doing it to a small degree; if you’re a fun and extroverted person you probably gravitate more towards vibrant and colorful clothing. Whereas more introverted and gentle people tend to stick to more subtle earth tones or pastel.

But if you’re not quite sure who you are, let your birth chart be your guide to style!

Your rising sign represents the personality you present to the world around you. It’s the first impression for social situations, so making it count is everything. Say you are a peace-filled Virgo, with a rising sign of Gemini, the grunge style is your best friend; it’s simple, full of flannel and care-free vibes, it’s edgy, and classically cool.

Our Michele leather belt and our zodiac charms totally screams grunge, in the most nonchalant way. Dressing for how you want people to interpret you, will mean you’ll attract kindred spirits.

Your Sun Sign lifestyle image

Our sun signs are what you’d generally consider your star sign, horoscope, or zodiac sign. It’s the simplest sign to work out as it only takes your birth date. So if you were born between July 23 and August 22; you’re a Leo. Dressing for your Sun sign is basically gathering every aspect of yourself into one outfit or piece of statement jewelry. It’s an outfit that makes you feel strong, motivated, and recognizable like our layerables that represent empowerment like our Gilded Phoenix.

Our Talia necklace is also perfect for this as well, as it’s incredibly bold, colorful, and eye-catching (get it, eye catching?!) We have a TON of posts on this so be sure to check your monthly DYLAN LEX astrology style guide.

Your Moon Sign lifestyle image

Now let’s talk emotions! Dressing for your moon sign means presenting yourself at your most emotional, defining which emotion represents your core. It also means sticking true to what you feel more comfortable in, rather than what you think you ought to be wearing. Sure it may still be summer, but if you’re attached to wearing all black loungewear? Go for it, that’s what a Taurus would do. Think about colors that reflect your temperament, whether you’re sunny and warm (yellows and golds, like our Ava earrings), or deep and quiet (teals, purples, cold shades and metals), everyone has something that’ll fit their soul like our Falkor III.

The Planets lifestyle image

This type of style meshing is more of a constant change, depending on which planet is in your signs constellation at the time. Do you ever hear people say they feel out of wack because “Mercury is in Retrograde”? It’s kind of like that, (except it’s actually called Mercury Retrograde and not every sign is affected by it.) If you're Neptune is in Capricorn, for example, it represents a discerning, wise, and sensible personality. So this is the perfect time to go a little minimalist, like with our oxidized 18k gold Val ring. Or if you're Mars is in Aries, this is the perfect time to get impulsive; try a new style, something bold like our gold plated Kane ring.

The Midheaven lifestyle image

Midheaven represents the life you presented to the world before your current situation. It’s your roots, your previous character traits, your reputation. It reflects the zodiac sign that was directly above (aka dead north on your chart) the exact moment you were born; determining who you’d grow up to be.

Dressing for midheaven is wearing a style that describes where you’ve been, and how you got to where you are now. Take for instance, the beauty of our Ivy earrings that represent classical architectural arches that take you back to dreamy vacation spots like Greece or Paris. It’s celebrating nostalgic fashions, and putting on old favorites. It’s celebrating your culture, like how our UNITY necklace celebrates the Black Lives Matter movement. Dress for where you came from, to help you on your way to where you’re going.


Whether you pick style one to follow, or mesh them all together to form one eclectic style, your birth chart can do all the work for you. Forget about what’s trending and find out what astrology has in store for your wardrobe this Fall. Be sure to check in with Cafe Astrology for more info on how to interpret your birth chart. DYLAN LEX pieces, just like the zodiac, aim to give you confidence in your life choices, as well as feel empowered to look and feel exactly how you want to.

What does your birth chart say about your style? Let us know in the comments!


Stephanie Watson is a freelance journalist and copywriter from the UK, who specializes in psychology, sociology, and the beauty industry. She's a budding novelist on the side, and hopes to one day make it her full time career.