One-of-a-Kind Vintage Decor We're In LOVE With Right Now

By Stephanie Watson

Sustainable decor is so important right now. Furniture isn’t just born out of thin air afterall, the amount of waste factories create to build our favorite sofas and desks leaves a huge carbon footprint. So thrifting your decor makes a big difference. It’s also a great way to create the most unique living space that really screams you.

Investing in timeless, one of a kind decor that reflects your personality, values, and style, is investing in a vintage treasure that will last a lifetime. But where can you find such unique and rare pieces? And in the midst of a pandemic?

One King's Lane New York logo and 4 vintage pieces
One Kings Lane is an online store similar to Chairish, in the sense that you can buy both new and antique furniture from independent sellers at the click of a button. This eye-catching Old French Chair from Ethnika Home Décor and Antiques is for sale on right now, so snatch it up before we do! The white geometric design is eccentric, yet oddly fitting with the majority of styles out there. Imagine it sitting across from their Bohemian Brass Lamp, or this Gold Denmark Coffee Table, there's no style it wouldn't mesh with.

Etsy logo and 4 vintage pieces
Everyone knows that Etsy is THE place to go for vintage and home-made bric-à-brac. But did you know they also sell large pieces of furniture, and other vintage decor? From art deco lamps, to swinging sixties sofas, you can find anything. SilkPurseChic's 1930's Cocktail Cabinet is a stunning restored price of history carved from burr walnut. From a mini bar to a place to store your best jewelry, you can make the piece your own.

Revival logo and 4 vintage rugs
This vintage store is exactly what it sounds like. They revive old rugs to their full potential, fixing holes, rejuvenating colors, and basically making an old dusty rug into a carpet fit for a queen. The Babak Turkish Rug is a perfect example of this kind of majestic makeover, as its rich scarlet and indigo color scheme is the epitome of royalty. If you love the old fashioned style of vintage rugs but are a bit wary of equally old fashioned dust mites, Revival Rugs is the perfect way to marry the bygone era with present times.

Chairish logo with 4 pieces
Chairish describes itself as “the design world's indispensable marketplace for exceptional home furnishings and art.” And it has a wide variety of vintage decor straight from your retro dreams. But they’re not just aesthetically pleasing, the furniture is refurbished and practical. For example, everyone needs a classy, sturdy coffee table in their life. One that can hold your daily essentials without taking away too much spotlight from the rest of the room. That’s the Lucite Coffee Table from Chairish seller Embellish Antiques. Just because something is old, doesn’t make it any less strong or reliable, after all.

AptDeco logo and 4 vintage pieces
AptDeco, a nice spin on the concept of ArtDeco, was born out of the CEO’s frustration with antique scammers and delivery disasters. Within its pages, the site offers one of a kind vintage decor, each listing with detailed descriptions that gives you an insight to the quality of each piece. Its age, any damages, HD photographs and much more. One of the listings, Italian 10 Piece Furniture Set, is a Renaissance era collection that will complete your dining or living room in an instant. Pair beside a Louis XV Style Commode, or a Decorative Folding Screen for the most classic vintage experience.

Which piece of decor or time period is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Stephanie Watson is a freelance journalist and copywriter from the UK, who specializes in psychology, sociology, and the beauty industry. She's a budding novelist on the side, and hopes to one day make it her full time career.