Since 'thanks it's vintage' is our most used line (no pun intended) on our social media outfit posts...we thought we would share our designers favorite vintage shops with you! Run don't walk...The beauty of vintage is that its one and done.


Founded by Richard Wainright, Arcade is located in Brooklyn and sister store to our fav vintage shop in Los Angeles, New Found. What we love most about Richard's store is that he has such an eclectic variety while never feeling overwhelming to shop. He color codes and organizes his pieces for the most part by trend so it has this really enjoyable flow to it - not to mention some of the most unique selection that would get any vintage lover giddy with excitement. Richard is the mastermind behind A Current Affair and behind our DYLAN LEX|FOUND curation so you know we are truly here for it.

Arcade Co-op shop with images of vintage items


Founded by Joey Grana, Scout is a vintage monochromatic dream. If you're looking for chic, minimal yet always a statement vintage finds this is your spot. Joey takes the time to find great layer-able items that mix masculinity with femininity. He also always has the BEST vintage feeling basics from worn in t shirts to rigid denim trousers. Aesthetically he is us in vintage clothing form.

Scout vintage shop with images of found items


Founded by Marie Monsod, RECESS LA is a high low fashion lovers dream. Also color coded (we don't know why this tugs so hard on our heartstrings, but really it does), Marie finds the best vintage from no name brands to designer enabling you to style an entire look in her shop. A constant source of inspiration for our design team, RECESS is also vintage accessory heaven. Everything from bags, to belts, to shoes, and headwear - Marie has an eye for amazing one of a kind finds.

Recess LA vintage shop with images of found items

Go forth and find that perfect one of a kind piece thats waiting for you! More of our favorite shops to come, comment and let us know what you're looking for so we can post. Until then, happy scrolling xx