If DYLANLEX Necklaces Were a Makeup Look

With the seasons changing it’s the perfect time to grab some new makeup inspiration. Brown smoky eyes, thick black winged liner, rich plum lips; it’s time to go deep. Pairing your makeup with your outfit is an obvious move, but if you want to take it a step further...try matching it to your jewelry.

We already know which of our necklaces you are, but what would they look like as a makeup look?

Pairing: DYLAN LEX Talia necklace with Dior makeup compact

Talia makes a statement; she’s warm, eye catching, yet doesn’t overwhelm the senses. If she was makeup, she’d be a glowing and bronzed look for sure. Nothing beats a golden brown smoky eye, as it works for nearly every occasion, both casual and formal. Just like Talia, the look is wearable, stunning, and just screams Fall. The Golden Nights palette from Dior is perfect for a nude yet shimmery face; with both subtle and strong shades that are great for beginners and experts alike. Pair with a nude lip like their Rouge Dior, and strobe up the highlighter!

Pairing: DYLAN LEX Parker necklace with Chanel makeup compact

Green is the shade for babes with dark hair, eyes, and skin tone. It brings out the golden hues in your hazel irises, and highlights in your chestnut hair. Parker too, her shamrock green gemstones will make you glow like a moonlit forest. Try Chanel’s Ombre Premiere shadow for a deep green eye look, and pair with a deep liquid lipstick like Rouge Allure Ink in Melancholia. Keep your base matte, and let the eyes do the talking.

Pairing: DYLAN LEX Baker necklace with pressed powder compact

From our Vital Voices range, Baker is a Wintery goddess. The subtle and luxurious piece needs no extra embellishments, other than maybe a bright and elegant makeup look. And what’s a more Winter look than a silver eyeshadow and berry lip combo? Fenty Beauty’s Diamond Bomb, doesn’t only work as a highlighter, it’s a killer eyeshadow. Use a complimenting pale eyeliner pencil along the waterline, which will really make your eyes pop. Pair this effortlessly simple look with your fave faux lashes and you’re ready to shine.

Pairing: DYLAN LEX Charlotte necklace with makeup compact

Did we mention how much we LOVE smoky eyes? Especially smoky eyes with a killer wing and deep dark bronzer. It’s soft glam, but with a fierce edge; this is Charlotte. She’s subdued in terms of shade, but packs a punch with her charms. Rusty, coppery tones are a perfect Fall vibe, especially if you pair her with this outfit, and a contour like Gucci’s Poudre De Beauté Éclat Soleil Powder. And don’t forget the brows! A nice opaque brow pencil from Anastasia Beverly Hills should make them stand out just as much as Charlotte does.

Pairing: DYLAN LEX Leigh necklace with yellow MAC makeup

Leigh is an enigma; both light and soft, but also dark and edgy. Her black gems catch the eyes, and her pale golden charm softens them. Her make-up sister is a combo of nude lips contrasting with dark and sooty eyeshadow in the crease. Adding a hint of golden yellow is like a distant streetlight fading into the night, and a subtle cheekbone highlight is the glow that guides you home. No bright yellow shines harder that MACs Chrome Yellow or Rock It Yellow, and their Strobe Cream highlighter is the queen of indie highlighters. It’s a match made in heaven.

Which look is your fave? Try a couple and tag us on Instagram @Dylanlex with your finished glam!