How to Organize and Display Your Jewelry

Organization is something you either can’t stand, or find therapeutic. Either way, it’s something that we should incorporate into our jewelry maintenance, not just your decor. It’s not as daunting as it sounds, as you don’t have to KonMari your entire jewelry collection, it’s more about finding the right homes for your pieces.

One of the best ways to organize your jewelry is to order them by how frequently you wear them. There’s no point in having your wedding guest jewelry at the front of your storage, unless you’re a wedding planner maybe, as you’ll just be reaching behind it for your daily chains instead. Work out which pieces you reach for most, and pull those towards the front or top of your storage. And within that, order by color, shape, brand, or occasion, and it’ll not only look more aesthetically pleasing, but specific pieces will be way easier to find when you’re in a rush.

From avoiding tarnish to having an accessible way to pull your jewelry in and out of its storage, here’s now you can display and organize all of your fave pieces to the best of your ability.

Store certain jewelry in different places to avoid accelerated tarnishing

Have you ever noticed that your metal jewelry develops an odd smell after a while? That’s tarnish, and it’s not only riddled with bacteria but it can also damage your jewelry over time. On top of regularly disinfecting and polishing your jewelry, you’ll also need to store golds, silvers, platinums, and other metals separately to decrease the chances of tarnish spreading. Higher quality jewelry will tarnish much slower than anything made out of nickle or copper, so investing in good quality pieces like our collection is a great way to keep your pieces in great condition.

Store your pieces in a see through cabinet or box, so you can actually see them

Despite wanting your jewelry to be safe from oxidation, you still want to see your beautiful collection. So instead of hiding them away in a jewelry box or drawer; find a translucent storage space made from Pyrex or acrylic. You can find see-through storage on sites like Etsy and eBay, and many jewelry sites offer their own too. Alternatively, another awesome option is an Armoire Mirror that keeps your jewelry on display when open, but hidden when closed. Having your collection right there with a body length mirror means you don’t have to keep walking back and forth to a wall mirror to see which jewelry matches your outfit.

Hang your necklaces on hooks or display stands

One thing that’s better than a translucent jewelry box is a translucent jewelry cabinet. Not only do they look way prettier on hooks, but it’s so much easier to see them. Our pieces like THORA and FALKOR VI are majestic when hung up due to their large chains and pendants, rather than bundled up awkwardly in a little box somewhere. You can also hang your pieces on busts or display stands, and stick them in a cabinet with glass windows.

Leaving your jewelry on your nightstand causes quicker tarnishing and tangling

It may be tempting, especially after a long day, to place your jewelry on your nightstand. But it’s not a good idea. For one, do you actually put it away the next day or do they just build up and build up? Secondly, think about the oxidation again. The more you leave your jewelry out the more you’ll have to polish them in the near future, and ew, deal with the dust. Trust us, it’ll save you a lot of bother and time in the long run.

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