Getting Dressed with Drew | Varsity Edition

I can't say no to a pop of red... and since red lips don't really work on me (you're going to have to trust me on this one, I look like a scary clown child), clothing will have to suffice. SO, when I happened upon a vintage mens varsity jacket I 10000% could not turn it down. Often times, when I have something I want to wear that is incredibly boyish, I'll mix it with something overly feminine to balance it out i.e. a slip I probably should not be wearing outside ...And then, of course, pile on jewels. I give you, VARSITY DREWS **loves puns. Shop my pieces and similar items below:


Fendi Mon Tresor bag

Alice and Olivia white slip dress

True Religion varsity jacket

Shop the Look: jacket, slip, bag

True Religion Varsity Jacket | Alice and Olivia White Slip Dress | Fendi Mon Tresor Bag

Shop the Look silver DYLAN LEX jewelry pieces

FALKOR necklace | LOLA necklace | KAI earrings