It's National Mental Health Awareness Month!

Hey it's May! A.k.a. National Mental Health Awareness month. What are you doing for YOU? We care about your wellbeing and want to share some resources that have helped us heal, grow, and feel empowered to take on life as it comes.



We sat down with @askdoctorjulie to learn more about how to unlock self-love and embody confidence. Dr. Julie is a one-of-a-kind psychologist, passionate about helping you break toxic patterns, heal from the past, turn pain into power, and rediscover your inner strength! Needing any of this in your life right now? We sure do! Here's what she had to say: 

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@nytherapist, Tory Eletto, is a seasoned Marriage and Family Therapist with a mission of helping us heal the relationship we have with ourselves, so that we may have strong, meaningful, and fulfilling relationships with those we love. She's hosting a live webinar on 6/24 all about "Find Us Again: Reconnecting to Your Partner." Will you be in attendance? We will! This is far from the only way to access Tory's expertise. You can find links to her past webinars here, with topics ranging from setting boundaries to mastering dating. You can also hear what Tory has to say for FREE through her podcast, "The Imperfect Person", and on her YouTube channel. Take a look!   


Need to boost your personal power? Look no further than @wetheurban, a black-owned community, created by founder @williegreene, centered around celebrating self-love, inclusivity, and marginalized voices. We love We The Urban because they offer healing, impactful, and life-changing content that is easily digestible and even more relatable. We always look forward to reading their "Affirmation's of The Day" and engaging with their like-minded community focused on healing themselves and empowering others to do the same. Here are some of our favorite posts:  

We The Urban offers public music playlists that help us stay grounded, centered, and at peace with who we are and where we're at. Listen on Spotify or Apple Music!



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