If you're a vintage fanatic like I am, you have probably stuffed your closet full of faded Levis, oversized leather jackets, and classic vintage graphic tees. But there are some lesser known vintage accessories that are easy to find and can be a great addition to your look.

We’ve highlighted some epic pieces from across the ages we know you’re gonna want to incorporate into your next look. Vintage is like a fun time portal that makes you feel chic and worldly all at the same time. There is nothing better than perfectly layering your finds into styles that fit you!

Red vintage headwrap paired with DYLAN LEX girl gang ring and DYLAN LEX Kai earrings

Head wraps have been a part of fashion forever! Sometimes practical, sometimes spiritual, sometimes a fruit basket. We're obsessed with this look and would pair of Kai earrings with it, or our girl gang ring.

I especially love the style and creativity with which head wraps were worn in the 1920s.

It’s a lifesaver at times when you don’t want to think about hair. Not to mention the glamor of wearing a head wrap with bold earrings can not be overstated!

Mesh metal purse paired with DYLAN LEX Leigh necklace and DYLAN LEX Wells earring

Crazy to imagine that this style comes from the turn of the century! Today these pieces make such a great addition to a 90’s inspired look or a minimalist look. Totally recommend one of these with our Leigh necklace or our Wells single earring statement. Even if you don’t use a purse you can think of the mesh purse as arm jewelry.

Cigarette case paired with DYLAN LEX Tai belt and DYLAN LEX Gilded Milo bracelet

Cigarette cases were almost a necessity in the 40s/50s! Now we can’t even fathom what to do with these things. But the inspiration for this one comes straight from our founder Drew. Cigarette cases make bitchin wallets! It’s the perfect size to fit your cards, bills, and possibly even a lip balm... what a game changer. Add our Tai belt as a creative strap or show off your case with our Gilded Milo bracelet.

Driving gloves paired with DYLAN LEX Gilded West and DYLAN LEX Taye

Unlike other gloves/mittens which focus on warmth, the driving glove is about grip, comfort, and style. I love the design elements like the opening on the top of the hand and at the knuckle.

Driving gloves are so sleek and flattering on the hand as well as edgy. Wearing them in a car is a total power trip and they are a great way to accessories leather pieces or looks that are very structured. Pretend you're a race car driver and wear Taye as a medal of honor with Gilded West.

Vintage hairpins paired with DYLAN LEX Queen, DYLAN LEX Baby Lola, and our DYLAN LEX Zuma ring

Women probably figured out how to use hair pins right before they discovered fire for all of humanity. My favorite vintage style hair pins are Victorian or Asian inspired, think Korean Binyeo pins. So gorgeous! Paired this look with Queen, Baby Lola, and our Zuma ring.

I love the look of a chignon with a pin popping out of the side or the top. There is so much opportunity in a cute hair pin. Having your hair up suddenly feels invigorating.

Let us know what vintage accessories you're obsessed with in the comments below :)