Just a few months ago DYLAN LEX figuratively put pen to paper and created a new space to share, learn, and reflect with our Army. Since doing so we have come to realize that the intentions and meaning behind our style and designs mean as much to you as they do to us.

We love using this space to talk about concepts we feel connected to like the Zodiac. We take this moment to introduce you to some of the most significant symbols and figures in our jewelry. Hopefully we can get to know how you interpret and connect to these pieces as well.

DYLAN LEX Queen charm and DYLAN LEX Gilded Lola lifestyle images
DYLAN LEX Lola, DYLAN LEX Bae, DYLAN LEX Queen II, and DYLAN LEX Max lifestyle images

The QUEEN has been such an important part of our designs and message. Not for the fact that she wears a crown and is poised. We want our jewelry to inspire you to feel strong and what better way than by featuring a symbol that equates strength and power? The queen also highlights a form of glamor in our age through Drag Queens and the LGBT community. Fashion and style are vital forms of self expression. We are all Queens and these icons are here to remind us of that.

Evil Eye: DYLAN LEX Shelley, DYLAN LEX Vivian, DYLAN LEX Talia lifestyle images

The EYE is very layered. Often we are inspired by the Evil Eye as a sort of talisman to protect you as you go about your life. This symbol dates back to ancient Mesopotamia and has since proliferated through cultures from Celtic to Islamic. We also appreciate, especially in the case of Shelley, the concept of having vision. We want to celebrate creativity and ingenuity and the eye literally and figuratively is our window by which we observe and decode the world around us.

Lion: DYLAN LEX Holden, DYLAN LEX Gilded Holden and DYLAN LEX Leo Charm lifestyle images

The lion is one of our longest standing charms that pops up in our designs. Certainly this animal has so much ferocity and boldness which we love to represent in our pieces. But more than that, the lion symbolizes for us the ability to be beautiful and powerful. Society often asks us to be one or the other but within ourselves and our designs we aim always to be both.

Snake: DYLAN LEX Samuel L, DYLAN LEX Gilded Val and DYLAN LEX Val lifestyle images

The snake has been used in a derogatory way to represent a woman’s perceived conniving and manipulative characteristics . But we chose to reclaim this symbol as so many have and deny any judgement made against females as a whole.

The form of this animal’s body also speaks to our designs made with the same flexible yet bejeweled exterior.

Arrow: DYLAN LEX Taye and DYLAN LEX Bohdi lifestyle images
DYLAN LEX Archer, DYLAN LEX Arrowhead Charm and DYLAN LEX Capril lifestyle images

The arrow or spear along with other weapons appears in our pieces from time to time. Our design celebrates edge and the arrow acts as a literal call to edginess in our jewelry. We also appreciate that arrows and other weapons connect with movement and action. DYLAN LEX pieces like all jewelry should always give you the energy and confidence to do!

Fist: DYLAN LEX Gilded Keaton and DYLAN LEX Keaton lifestyle images

When this charm was first made for our Keaton necklace we knew it would inspire our future designs and our message as a brand. The fist has come to represent unity and solidarity from the incredible bravery of the anit-fascist resistance during the Spanish Civil War, Olympian’s Tommie Smith and John Carlos defending civil rights during their medal ceremony in 1968, and now the Black Lives Matter movement to end racial injustice.

Let us know in the comments below which charms and symbols are meaningful to you!