The History of Pants


Let’s talk pants! We have just added a new addition to the DYLAN LEX Statement Clothing family, a wrap style Jacquard Brocade pant. Basically, we wanted to make something both cozy and lux that didn't feel as constricting as a typical pant. 


Looking back to style and functionality from different cultures, we’ve been thinking a lot about where the silhouette has evolved from. Paying homage to the history of fashion and showing how pieces truly are cyclical. From Tulip pants to the Harem classic, here is an ode to the pants in history that we just can’t get enough of lately. 


Hakama Pants, originally created by the Chinese
Originally created by the Chinese imperial court in the Sui and Tang dynasties, the hakama pants were adapted by Japan during the early 6th century. Our modern take on the pants combined the umanori or divided legs style, with a wrapped back. The minimalist floral pattern in a rich gold and black color range make the pants ultra chic, and the sweet satin material is so soft to the touch. With multiple ways to secure the straps, extra added comfort is where it’s at. 



Thai Fisherman drawing and diagram of how to wear

These lightweight, unisex trousers were adapted from sarongs and were worn by Thai fishermen and farmers who wanted ease and wearability for work and weather. Made with a wide waist for versatility in size, the Fisherman Pant is wrapped around and tied with self fabric to form a belt.

Tulip Pant Photograph

Billowing on top and gradually getting slimmer at the ankles, tulip pants are basically the opposite of a flared pant. With a high waist and a cropped ankle, these pants are a statement wear, and have been particularly popular in Pakistan during the last few years.

Harem Pants in Black

First adorned by Persian communities around 2000 years ago, particularly amongst men, and later by Northern African women in the 19th century, Harem pants are oversized balloon-like pants. You probably saw Princess Jasmin wearing them as a kid and thought they looked hella comfy, and they are. Stella McCartney has thrown a modern twist on these classic pants by merging them with the cargo pant style. Despite both harem and cargo being two styles that are known for their ease of wear, their comfort, and their informal nature, they possess a level of sophistication like no other.

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