Being quarantined at home has given me a lot of time to explore my closet, or as I came to realize, half my closet! There was a whole side that seemed unappealing and unexplored, that of my verrrrry patient boyfriend.

What started as a desire to clean out unloved items for him turned into a shopping spree for me. The clean out didn’t go in the direction either of us were hoping for (he’ll get over it), but I ended up with some great pieces with the bonus of not having to spend a thing.

If you are stuck at home with a Partner, Boyfriend, Husband, Dad, Brother, Grandparent-- This is your chance to play around with some styles you may have never thought of before. Go for it! Hope you are as pleasantly inspired as I was XX

Gray plaid blazer with sunglasses and DYLAN LEX jewelry lifestyle image

You remember that blazer you made him buy that was supposed to be a cool work staple. Well he wore to one party with a turtleneck because he was feeling….. “adventurous” ….and hasn’t touched it since. Don’t let it die a slow unappreciated death in the closet. Rejuvenate that bish!

Black sweatpants with white blouse and DYLAN LEX jewelry lifestyle image

Yes, yes, we have all been stealing the sweatpants already. But this time we steal not just for naps and NNetflix days! Try pairing a cute blouse cropped or tied at the waist with a pair of extra oversized bottoms. You can be completely put together in the most cozy article of clothing there is.

We are just cracking the code to life here peeps, don’t mind us.

The graphic tee paired with white pants and DYLAN LEX jewelry

Not trying to break up any relationships here but if you come upon a cute graphic T that your bae is willing to part with, try giving her a crop and pairing with a high waisted bottom.

We also condone cutting off the sleeves/opening up the arm holes to give your side boob a chance to shine!

White button down paired with skirt and DYLAN LEX jewelry

A white button down looks even cuter oversized so why not just share with your manz? You can add some shape by belting this piece and morphing into a dress / tunic or try tucking into a bold skirt like we did in this look. Don’t feel pressured to use all the buttons! Leaving more buttons undone gives it some sick drapage!

Bomber jacket paired with black halter, jeans and DYLAN LEX jewelry

This is probably his most prized possession, but don’t be afraid! Womens fashion rarely takes us in the bomber direction but use this opportunity to try it out! We’d recommend pairing with a feminine fitted piece underneath to create some contrast with the puff of this layer.

The denim jacket paired with DYLAN LEX necklaces

You probably have one of these too but most women’s denim jackets are fitted and feel super stiff. It will blow your mind how comfortable denim jackets made for men are! You can accent with some DLEX or pair with a sleek tank. If you are feeling extra, try buttoning it and going topless!

The flannel shirt paired with hat, booties and DYLAN LEX necklace

Wearing an oversized men's flannel is your opportunity to go outside in a socially acceptable blanket. For sure pair with a cute pair of boots! If you're not into showing that much leg, go for a french tuck with jeans. The millions of flannels in your B’s closet are calling your name!