Our Fav 90's Style Icons

DYLAN LEX didn't exist in the 90's... but let's imagine WE DID. The 90's were such an iconic time for women's fashion, transitioning from the pop-of-color the 80's provided us to 90's grunge and futuristic looks. The new millennium impending on this decade would make an everlasting impression... especially on the metallic looks in Romy and Michele's High School Reunion. Gwen Stefani would also cause a huge stir with her attitude towards mixing and not necessarily matching. The 90's were WILD stylistically. And we loved every minute of it. 
Linda Evangalista
workwear vibe
Ohh Linda Evangalista, can we be YOU? Linda was a true style icon as one of the 90's most famous supermodels. Steal her look for the ultimate workwear vibe and pair it with our gold favorite COLBY or GILDED ELI.
moesha 90s style
moesha prints
The queen of wild prints and basic tees... MOESHA. When the R&B singer Brandy took center stage to be Moesha, all eyes turned to her fun and flirty style. We are OBSESSED with her unique approach to 90's fashion. Bringing in her LA roots, her style was causal yet funky. 
romy and michelleromy and michele style
We named our belts ROMY and MICHELE after this stylish iconic duo. Channeling their inner Baby Spice, the looks served in this movie are KILLER. Romy and Michele's High School Reunion was the IT movie for every girl growing into a full fledged fashionista. 
no doubt style icon
gwen stefani style
From Gwen's iconic red lips, to her in-your-face attitude towards fashion, her taste in clothing was always a crowd favorite. We are obsessed with pairing any cool cropped tank and high-waisted jean combo off with RUE if you don't feel like wearing your fav red lip. 
johnny depp
gilbert grape
90's heartthrob Johnny Depp is one of our fav style icons because of his DGAF attitude towards style. Our favorite looks of his involves LOTS of vintage and long chains. Too bad we can't get hair like his... sigh.
chloe chic
Our hearts are so full of love for Chloe. Her simple yet chic style is what makes her stand out as a true style icon for us. But don't let her innocent demeanor fool you, her boss moves in Kids was a def DYLAN LEX vibe.