Managing the stress of what the future will be with our collective health, personal lives, and that of our families and friends is something many of us are actively dealing with. Not to mention the challenge of spending almost all of our time at home. 

Here are some great resources we have been using to boost our harmony and happiness within our homes.

spiritual wellness

Finding ways to ease the mind and the spirit together can be a great way of improving your energy at home. The Saged app is an awesome service that gives you access to groups, community, wisdom, manifestation, rituals, healing, reiki all in one place. It’s free to download with in-app paid services.

Yoga is a much beloved practice for relaxing your body and giving your mind a rest. Recently the trend in Yoga offerings has been to focus on cardio, intensity, and heat. For at home we’ve listed some great services that are free on Youtube offering a more healing approach.

Yoga with Adriene - Her youtube channel has over 6 million subscribers and she offers very positive tutorials to guide you through the standards of yoga.

Body Positive Yoga - Amber Karnes runs an awesome yoga channel for plus sized yogi’s who are looking for modified poses and techniques along with some inspiring support and dialogue on body positivity.

Spirit Voyage - For a more meditative flow, the Spirit Voyage offers kundalini class instruction along with advice related to energy movement in the body through ayurvedic medicine.


Meditation can be incredibly transformative if you need a time in your day to regulate. It’s also really easy to do from home. My personal fav is to add this to your morning routine. Such a great way to start your day!

Calm - The Calm app service is great for beginners who are looking for clear and engaging instruction as well as multiple forms of meditation. They offer services for walking meditations, body scans, masterclasses, and Sleep Stories. To use Calm for a year is a $70 fee but you can test this out using their 7-day free trial.


Headspace - Another great app known as the “gym of the mind”. Their service offers quick meditations and services to exercise your mind. Not to mention the adorable animations that pepper their app really take you into another space. Their service is also a $70 a year subscription but with a 30-day free trial.


Smiling Mind - Conveniently, this meditation app is completely free and offers sessions and programs that are perfect for coping with the disruptions and anxieties of the current moment. It was developed by teachers and psychologists for adults and children of all ages. 


MINDFUL@HOME - Many of us are looking for social opportunities even though it is important we stay distanced. Mindful.org offers some great services online but most notably is leading live guided meditations on their social channels at 3pm ET every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.


self massage

It sounds much saucier than it is but self massage can be a great way of removing tension from your body when you don’t have access to a professional masseuse. Call it self massage or foam rolling, there are lots of great techniques you can use to alleviate physical discomfort. Here are some great resources below:


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7 Foam Rolling Exercises Your Body Is Begging You To Do


Share with us what your favorites are. We'd love to hear from you! x