LA's Favorite Mobile Espresso Bar

Who doesn't love coffee IN AN INSTANT? There's where Café Santo comes in. They're the cutest couple on the planet with the tastiest coffee as well. From Oaxaca to LA, they're repping artisanal coffee inspired by Mexican roots.

Pilar Castañeda and Marlon Gonzalez are an unstoppable force. Their coffee is TO.DIE.FOR. If you can't catch them during the week for a mobile order, they also set up pop-up shops at different places around LA on the weekends. Check out their site for their latest upcoming appearance.

We first introduced this innovative, caffeinated duo on our Tuesdays at 2pm on our IG live. We heard you guys were obsessed, so here's a little eye candy. We apologize in advance if this makes you crave them even more.

Woman with Oaxacan chocolate in hand wearing DYLAN LEX jewelry

Their Oaxacan mocha with their Oaxacan chocolate is heaven on Earth.

Woman holding red coffee mug while wearing DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman holding red coffee mug while wearing DYLAN LEX jewelry

Pilar Castañeda, the founder of Café Santo, knows a thing or two about pairing some DYLAN LEX with her favorite brew.

Man creating espresso drink in a hat outdoors

Marlon Gonzalez serving up some fresh LEWKS... as in a steaming hot beveage you're gonna want to taste.

Cafe Santo tote bag outdoorsCafe Santo tote bag worn by a man outdoors

p.s. their love for coffee isn't just cute, their totes are adorbs too.

Latte art in mug from above

Just leaving this here to make you THIRSTY.

Man doing coffee pour over in a hat outdoors

Dear Oaxaca, we love you for bringing us the bliss that is CAFÉ SANTO.