One of the questions we are commonly asked is: What inspires you for each collection? While we can say a beautifully constructed paragraph about landscapes and wishful thinking of adventure, the real truth is that we are thinking of you.

Summer is the time of year when we like to take our signature DYLAN LEX style and make it layer-able. Breaking down the over the top pieces and allowing you to style pieces your way.

That also goes for the palette. Although we started the brand exclusively silver, it is important for us to mix tones, shapes, and lengths to weave the thread of inclusiveness. And while our pieces are not categorized as 'fine' we think the same way a fine jeweler would - creating classic pieces that have longevity. Turquoise has always been prominent in accessories. It's a pop of color that feels classic, not just trendy, and the stone itself has a meaning of protection and strength. For the Swarovski crystals we went with Clear, Onyx, and Topaz, feeling like these 3 shades enhance the Turquoise in an unusual way. They feel tonal, yet unexpected. They make you double take instead of blend in. Exactly what we want for our DYLAN LEX gal.

Stand out.

Feel strong.

Never blend in.

We hope you love this new collection as much as we do.


Your girls at DYLAN LEX

Turquoise, clear, onyx & topaz crystals

July 2020 Lookbook, DYLAN LEX jewelry on busts and on woman in white blouse

DYLAN LEX Frankie turquoise choker on model

DYLAN LEX Charlotte necklace on model

DYLAN LEX Gilded Brooks necklace on model

DYLAN LEX Roxie necklace on model

DYLAN LEX Leila turquoise glasses chain on model

DYLAN LEX Gilded Aurora necklace on model

DYLAN LEX Charlotte necklace on model