The Woman Leading the Remote Work Revolution

This article is part of our Humans in Business initiative to introduce amazing people that clearly inspire us as they continue to work their asses off. This month we're featuring Tia Meyers of Freelancing Females.  


It's no doubt that the familiarity with remote work has really took its toll on us all. Some hate it, some really love it, but here's a harsh truth: it's here to stay. A global survey by Gartner showed that 88% of the organizations, worldwide, made it mandatory or encouraged their employees to work from home after COVID-19 was declared a pandemic.


The freelance industry has boomed ever since that mandate and so have side hustles. Jumpstarting this trend (before it really even was a trend) is revolutionary Tia Meyers, a social media and marketing freelance consultant. Her online group Freelancing Females is the catalyst for the future of women to grow beyond the typical 9-5 lifestyle.



Tia's online Facebook group has expanded to a full-fledged global community of more than 53,000 women and non-binary folks who run their own businesses — whether it be from freelancing brow consultation to social media services.


Tia started the group after she had a payment issue from a client and sought advice from freelancers she personally knew. “I was going on a lot of coffee dates,“ she admits.“These turned into strong relationships that I was building.” The group, who originally began on Facebook, consisted only of connections she personally worked to make. Within a year, the group grew to over 13,000 people swapping stories and seeking advice. Tia receives over 100 requests a day  wanting to join the group.


DYLANLEX (virtually) sat down with Tia to discuss her take on remote work, her day-to-day, and even the grueling horrors of imposter syndrome.



DYLANLEX: Your community is such a sensation. What does your day-to-day look like?


Tia Meyers: My day to day changes constantly. To set up my mornings for success & and less stress I keep up a to-do list in Asana and set my priority of tasks to get started on in the morning. I’ll try to batch meetings during the week so I don’t keep moving back and forth between tasks. You’ll usually find me grabbing a coffee in the morning, hitting up my inbox and working on a variety of tasks between upcoming conferences, partnerships, social media, & more.  


DL: What doubts did you have when you started? Have you ever struggled with Imposter Syndrome?


TM: I never in my wildest dreams thought Freelancing Females would become what it is today. It took a lot of work, time and mistakes to make it to where we are. Building a business is never easy and a huge learning curve, one you can’t learn in school or from a book. I just ask myself is this where I am most happy & as the answer is yes, we keep going. Nothing good comes without some struggles and learning. 



DL: What are the best strategies to do a WFH business or how do you cope with WFH?


TM: I worked from home mainly before the pandemic but my days usually consisted of meetings in the city, coworking & making my own schedule. A few of my tips would be to create and keep a consistent routine just like you would at a 9-5. The beauty of creating your own schedule is to also schedule in some enjoyment, not work constantly. Also create a space for yourself and your work. I know we all end up working from the couch at points but it’s very important to have a designated spot for yourself. 



DL: What can someone do TODAY to start their business/side gig?

TM: Just start. You’ll learn and figure out the rest as you go along. Do not keep holding back those big ideas you have. 


DL: What is the best advice you have for those struggling to decide on a side gig?

TM: Not all hobbies have to become jobs. I tried many things when I first started freelancing. It does not have to be the one you end up with. Look at areas you’re good at, the industry you’re most interested in and where you can help. Then start reaching out to potential clients. 



Freelancing Females is contributing to a growing digital movement that allows work to be anti-ableist, anti-harassment, pro-female, and pro-gender non-conforming. Those that want to be freed of the strict standards of traditional, and often patriarchal, work environments are embraced. Women receive advice on everything — from where to get clients, to being more assertive, to self care routines. And it’s all being lead by the freelancing guru herself, Tia.