As we adjust to this new way of living, everything is changing - our habits, our emotions, our balance. Like you, I'm figuring it all out. Some days I wake up with so much hope, some days I'm in a literal glass case of emotion. The most immediate way for me to navigate through it is being creative (I also realized that I've basically been dressing like this all my life)...

I GIVE YOU: 4 Ways To Dress Up @ Home


If you know me, you know I love to elevate a basic. Take an old t shirt and rock it with some jewels. Throw on your favorite embellished cardi and some sweats and its a whole new you.

Woman in t-shirt, cardigan, sweats and DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in white t-shirt wearing DYLAN LEX chokerWoman in white vintage t-shirt with red DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in red t-shirt wearing gold and pearl DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in vintage t-shirt, gold pants and gold DYLAN LEX jewelry

Vintage t-shirts: white Velvet Underground, Le Superbe Tiger tee, Blamain black tee, red Jefferson Starship tee

Top Left: Velvet Underground Tee | Le Superbe Tiger T | Balmain Cotton T | 1975 Jefferson Starship Tee


Slinky cozies always feel good. A robe or a matching set, add long layers to the look to elevate it a bit. Slicked bun or throw up a top knot and you're good for those video calls into happy hour with friends.

Woman in white and silver wearing DYLAN LEX jewelry side view

Woman in gray clothing wearing silver DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in black kimono with DYLAN LEX gold jewelryWoman in pajamas, sunglasses and DYLAN LEX jewelry

Woman in red pajamas and DYLAN LEX jewelry

1970s vintage black & gold robe, vintage embroidered robe, black pajamas, HAHT pajama set

From Left: 1970's Vintage Black and Gold Robe | Vintage Embroidered Robe | Sleeper Party PJs | HAHT PJ Set


Since I collected vintage most of my youth, I have a stash of unique quilted coats. Most of the time they go unworn and I just admire them, but lately, these over the top dusters have been elevating my casual looks... and I am here for it.

Woman in white clothing wearing silver DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in white wearing DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in white wearing DYLAN LEX jewelry side view

Orange Missoni duster, black smoking jacket, quilted patchwork green kimono

From Left: Missoni Duster | Mens Smoking Jacket | Quilted Patchwork Kimono


Normally I shy away from trends, but to me, this one is everything when you're home indefinitely. I appreciate a matching sweat look with gilded jewel classics. A 'I stole my mans sweats' look with over the top jewels isn't bad either ;) We had Rihanna help with the last visual.

Woman in green sweatsuit wearing DYLAN LEX jewelry, busts with DYLAN LEX jewelryWoman in white and black sweatsuit wearing silver DYLAN LEX jewelryRihanna in casual clothing with DYLAN LEX silver necklace

Woman in tan Veronica Beard sweatsuit, woman in white Muse sweatsuit, woman in gray RagDoll sweatsuit

From Left: Veronica Beard Sweatsuit | Muse Sweatpant | Cropped Sweat Pant RagDoll LA

Which look will you try?

xx D