How to Support Small Businesses During This Time

Pro Tip #1 Skip the Delivery Apps for Small Town Restaurants, photo of diner at night
Pro Tip #2 Book a Gig Worker, photo of dog under blanket
Pro Tip #3 Buy a Book, photo of books
Pro Tip #4 Spend Money on a Gift Card, image of gift card
Pro Tip #5 Pay for Future Appointments, photo of calendar
Pro Tip #6 Book a Virtual Appointment, woman using technology at home
Pro Tip #7 Attend Virtual Farmers Markets, street vendor booth
Pro Tip #8 Make Masks for Employees, black mask
Pro Tip #9 Tip a Little Extra, photo of money in hands
Pro Tip #10 Take Advantage of Discounts, photo of balloons
Pro Tip #11 Write a Glowing Review, photo of 5 golden stars