How the DLEX Army Has Fun During the Quarantine

We all know the feeling of running out of shows to watch during this time at home. You can become restless, anxious. Instead of getting in your head, lets turn that energy into goodness with some creativity. We've been inspired by our army sharing images of their fav at home moments.

Here are our favorite posts from the past week that inspired us to get up and do some DYLAN LEX DIY.



Obsessed with this flaylay featuring Gilded Holden by @Annathebestsylist.

drew flaylay


fashion inspo boards

frida kahlo

We're digging this Frida Kahlo inspired mood board by @Ghoulnextdoor.

we play dress up
play dress up

"Practicing for when we can be out in public again," writes @Amanda_redden.

dress up

@Queensshoesboutique gets cozy in her Cruz necklace.

We participate in #TextureTuesday

DYLAN LEX Beau necklace, DYLAN LEX Gilded Phoenix jewelry

We spy a beau necklace and gilded phoenix in @lita_elles post

DYLAN LEX Falkor III with Dylan Lex jewelry

Falkor III is always a favorite go-to texture for when you're feeling glam.

chill out

chill out

Get some vitamin D YLAN LEX. ;) Loving Frida II in the sun by @PetrusaMitrovic.

dana hourani

@DanaHourani repping DYLAN LEX.

sincerely jules

@Sincerelyjules keeping calm and staying at home in our Ryan necklace.

Woman in white body suit with jewelry

@__ m _ e _ l soaking up some rays in archived Dylan Lex.