If you are fashion lovers like us, your closet probably starts and ends in black. In our industry, black is ubiquitous. For brands like Alexander Wang or Chanel it’s almost sacred. But as we move into summer something inside of us yearns for color!

Finding ways to add color to your wardrobe can definitely be intimidating. A method that really works for us is to pair a bright stand out garment with complementary or neutral colors. A POP if you will! This is a great way to incorporate color into your look without feeling overwhelmed by it.

Pop of Orange, 2 lifestyle images

Orange is one of our favorite shades to wear and probably a color you hardly see in clothing. It has elements that can be bold and sexy which really works for us. With a shade this bright, sometimes the best way to tie it in is by anchoring it to a piece with a similar tone.

Pop of Orange, 2 lifestyle images

In this look, an orange graphic on a neutral T perfectly pairs with the vibrant skirt. And in the other, a bright beanie and jacket create a bold halo of orange around a white outfit.

Pop of Red, 2 lifestyle images Pop of Red, 2 lifestyle images

Never be afraid to play with pattern! For bright patterns it’s best to fully commit like we did with this red cheetah blazer ooooor blend it in subtly as seen with the red bandana.

Pop of Green, 2 lifestyle images

Pop of Green, 2 lifestyle images

Obviously we all love statement jewelry. So what better place to experiment with color than with your bling! Try layering pieces with the same shade like we did in this epic green layout. You can even complement a bold color necklace or earring with your clothing.

Pop of Yellow, 2 lifestyle images

You may have noticed the last time you shopped vintage, a ton of vintage pieces have lots of color! If you are also wondering how to incorporate a vintage piece into your look this is your opportunity to achieve all your fashion goals! A bright vintage piece like these gorgeous yellow kimonos adds style and drama.