How a Scent Can Elevate Your Mood

We all know that seeing pretty and calming things can affect your mood. So all this chat about the effects of corona virus... a symptom being LOSS OF SMELL got me thinking about the power of our noses and the effect that scents can have on day-to-day life.

I'd always had a keen and sensitive sense of smell either loving a place or hating it for the feelings the scents evoked. I'd read all the stories about how pheromones and MHC could drive you to fall in love with somebody based on your brain's unconscious ability to determine the best immunity your child might have with that prospective partner. BUT what about the way smell can impact YOUR MOOD?!!?!?

Like most people, I've been searching for the perfect scent and fragrance to call my own that could serve as my calling card. After I graduated from the Chanel Chance stage of high school, I had been on a search for THE Perfect Scent. I imagined myself walking down a maze-like space and people KNOWING it ME before I even stepped foot into the room. The scent was me and I WAS the scent. Studying abroad in Italy, I searched all the romantic perfumeries.... some housed in ancient castles run by Carthusian monks to find my calling card, but could not. As soon as I'd painstakingly decide on a scent, I would use it for a few months and be sickened by its overt sweetness, muskiness or for having a bit too much pep. I felt alone and like I would never find THE ONE... and I was right.

Down the road from our first-ever store at the ROW DTLA, I discovered Scent Bar. Steve, who you saw speak with me at last week's Tuesdays @ Two IG LIVE shared that it's ok to not have a single scent for all occasions. He taught me each scent or molecule could conjure a mood, feeling, nostalgia that could romance, seduce, comfort OR even energize!

Instead of being depressed by the possibility of never finding a scent to call my own, I have an open relationship with scents... where each one provides me a certain je ne sais quoi... Here at DYLAN LEX, we like options, statements and layers, so here are some scents that can elevate your mood and the personified DLEX pieces paired back to them!

Shout out to our friends at Scent Bar. Check them out!

Sacred Geometry pairing: DYLAN LEX Apollo set with Oud for Greatness scent

Like the APOLLO set, the Oud for Greatness scent has PRESENCE. She's sophisticated, she knows what she wants and SHE CAN HANDLE IT. She's at once luxurious and refined, but also warm, sweet and oddly comforting. A true pleasure to be around and seemingly goes with ANYTHING.

Phenomenon pairing: Molecule 01 scent with DYLAN LEX Ryan and DYLAN LEX Bohdi

Don't let this European 90s science bottle fool you! Molecule 01 knows WHAT'S UP! She's light, clean, fresh and non invasive... You quickly forget that she's on you because she's SO easy to wear, but the moment you step out, people will be asking around WHO IS SHE! Just like our RYAN or BODHI, the scent is made to last, can be worn with ANYTHING and has a light, but prominent step.

Elegant Spice pairing: B683 scent with DYLAN LEX Drew

Just like a hot, sexy secret agent where $ is no object, b683 is rich, sensual and ready like THE DREW.

Sweet Memories pairing: Salt Caramel scent with DYLAN LEX Sophie

A girl's girl ready for Spring, this girl is kind, sweet and bakes. She's casual, but warm, kind and fun... She's just as at home in the pool, the hot tub or by the fire. Obsessed with Shay A Blue's Salted Caramel paired with a weekend getaway in SOPHIE.