If you've chuckled at a product description, asked a styling question regarding an event you have or even just a layering how to, if you have related to the down-to-earth humor that is our DYLAN LEX DNA... then you've absolutely encountered someone from our small, yet mighty team. And while we like to think unified like we are DYLAN LEX, we are also individuals with different loves and different perspectives. That being said, we are introducing 'EDITORS PICKS.' Where individual team members will be sharing their current favs and more! Here we go!

About Me: I am a lover of fashion, art, and all things creativity. My style sense comes directly through the family line, from a tirelessly working mom who used her free time to take her 8 year old to Bergdorf’s, and a grandma who passed on her mod-era fashion sense and knowledge from working in the NYC garment district to a young pupil.

Here are my Top 5 Staff Picks:

DYLAN LEX Strap lifestyle image

I live for a crossbody. Not just for the undeniable convenience of feeling your bag securely attached to your shoulder, but also for the way a crossbody can physically bring your bag into your look. The Strap is completely useful for this purpose and unlike so many other straps, she is made with soft comfortable leather, eye-catching gems, and bold hardware.

Strap adds buckets of style to a simple outfit and gives life to an aged or outdated bag you have been keeping in your closet.

DYLAN LEX Bohdi necklace lifestyle image

Working with DLEX has definitely opened my eyes to the possibilities of bold accessories but if you are only just crawling out of the tornado of microscopic earrings and dainty chains that have taken over the internet, you may be curious where to start. For me, Bohdi is the perfect piece for this. With other pieces, I feel layering is a must, but Bohdi is so attractive as a stand alone on a graphic tee or a simple top. I also find that the position Bodhi takes on my collar is super flattering and neck extending. Bohdi will always be my silver go to!

DYLAN LEX DL Coin lifestyle image

Remember those dainty chains I mentioned earlier?...yes, I have many that are never worn because no matter how many times I layer, they still seem invisible on my neck. A lifesaver for a simple chain is a unique pendant like the DL Coin! I love that this charm has as much design as any of our necklaces. If you look closely you can see perfectly balanced stones and a unique combination of art deco and street style.

DYLAN LEX Freya necklace lifestyle image

I absolutely love green and find that whether this color is incorporated into a garment or necklace like the Freya, it elevates your style. Freya is so quintessentially DYLAN LEX and stunning. She brings together bold chains with classic crystals and vintage inspired charm features. Combining elements of old and new in this way makes this piece totally timeless and certainly a work of art.

DYLAN LEX Frida II lifestyle image

I was always taught in terms of energy, gold invigorates and silver soothes. I am the kind of person that is looking for that extra pop of energy in my day so Frida II is my absolute favorite! I love the LA BOHO vibes she gives off while still feeling like a treasure that will be loved for generations to come. Most of all, Frida II highlights the best part of any outfit, your face!

It is so rare to find pieces that emphasize your body (and frankly your soul) in a way that makes you feel loving towards yourself. This is the gift of all of these designs and great fashion in general; the ability to share some of your inner self with the world.