When I first started working at DYLAN LEX, our founder Drew Ginsburg had a picture of Mr. T on the wall for inspo. I actually had no clue who the handsome man wearing a cluster of golden jewels was. "Mr. T!" she exclaimed. Ever since then I was in love with Mr. T & his entourage of jewels...💎💎💎

MEN CAN BE FASHON ICONS, TOO, OKAY?... now that we got that covered here are the dudes we are forever obsessed with behind the scenes. Also p.s. we'll never forget when Usher more one of our pieces to the Grammy's. Mens' style plays such a huge role in our creative atmosphere here at DYLAN LEX. We don't just style and design for women in mind -- nor is jewelry gender specific AT ALL. We are feening for killer styles no matter who the f$@k wears it.

mr t

Gilded Ari | Quinn | Wells Earring | Totem Charm 

Due to my extensive research aka Wikipedia-ing (is that a word??) Mr. T was a bodyguard turned kick-a$$ actor. The ultimate 80's icon that was both masculine and feminine as he mixed his thick necklaces paired with his beefy bare chest. Known for being picked up by Sylvester Stallone and featured as Clubber Lang in ROCKY III, Mr. T gained notoriety ever since.

j balvin in scout

Scout | Morgan | Taye

Colombian reggaeton singer J Balvin isn't just a major heartthrob, but constant style inspo. Just Google him if you really don't know who he is... but duh doesn't EVERYONE KNOW him from the Cardi B song "I Like It." He's usually brimming with colors, but his true style lies in the way he unconventionally wears heavy necklaces and eclectic accessories. 

jimi hendrix

Gemma | Beau II | Chance | Thea 

Jimi Hendrix had a thing for chunky circle charms -- and we LOVE him for it. The famous 70's music genius was ahead of his time when it came to men's fashion. With his patterns of psychedelic t-shirts, headbands, and bell bottoms, pairing these chunky necklaces made PERFECT sense. Although he is known to be an influential guitarist, his style lives on today... even as one of our biggest inspirations to DYLAN LEX. Within every collection we release, there are definite Jimi-style nods. 

lenny kravitz

Devin | Max | Keats | Gilded Eli

Oh, Lenny Kravitz... You can tell he might have learned a thing or two from Jimi Hendrix, but you can clearly see from this photo that he is in a category of his own.