Being a part of the DYLAN LEX army is all about feeling empowered to explore new fashions, follow your creative instincts, and express your style in a way that is authentic to you. For our founder, learning how to change necklace lengths, add charms, connect chains, etc. was important to this journey. By sharing some of the customization tips and tricks we love, we hope we can help you realize all your jewelry dreams!

Adding charms with small tool

Say you have a chain or bracelet at home that you have always wanted to add charms to. A great way to achieve this is by adding a connecting ring aka “jump ring” to bring these two pieces together. All you need to start is a pair of jewelry pliers and a few jump rings which you can purchase in every color, shape, size, and material you could possibly need. Once you have the supplies, there is no limit to the pieces or ways you can add to your jewelry! The time to learn this technique will take about five minutes on Youtube and $10-$20 dollars in supplies.


Jump Ring Tutorial

Jewelry Pliers

Jump Ring

Extending length with extra gold chains

Say you purchase a necklace and find that it’s not quite long enough or not hitting the length to give you that perfect layered look. A simple solution to this is adding an extension chain. Most extension chains feature a clasp on one end and a ring on the other to perfectly attach to the necklace opening. Even if you have a piece with an unusual closure you can purchase the size and clasp type that works for your piece. The price is right for this solution as well. Extenders can cost $5-$10 depending on how many you purchase.


Chain extender in gold

Chain extender in silver

Shrink a ring with metal ring re sizer

With rings you are wearing on a daily basis it’s always best to have them re-sized by a jeweler. If you do find yourself with a ring you wear on occasion that is a bit too big, a great solve would be a ring re-sizer. Most ring re-sizers fit along the inside part of your ring so they aren’t visible and come in different shapes and materials depending on what is most comfortable. Typically priced at $5-$10 range, a re-sizer offers an easy solution to help you get a secure fit on your ring.


Ring re-sizer in gold

Ring re-sizer in siver

Untangle your layered look with multi strand extender

We love a layered look but when wearing multiple chains it can be perfectly styled in the front but a mess of chain knots and hair pulling in the back. A great tool to help keep chains from tangling up your layered look is a necklace spacer! All you have to do is connect the necklaces you like to wear in your preferred order and viola, problem solved!


Multi-strand extender in gold

Multi-strand extender in silver


Hopefully these tips and tricks give you the tools you need to make each piece fit perfectly to your style!

Let us know your customization questions below and we will reach out with all our favorite design secrets!