The sunglass chain trend has taken on a life of its own this season, but how did we get here?

Although summer 2020 is not a time of dressed up social gatherings, one trend we are eating up this season is the sunglass croakie. An opportunity to add a gold chain or link crystals onto a pair of sunglasses while going for a walk or reading outside with a glass of wine is one we are fully on board for. What you might not know is that this style has been popping up in fashion since the 1800s. Follow us down the path of croakies past. Who knows what mesmerizing styles we will find ;)
The Lorgnette 1800s glasses chain with period painting
This 19th century design marks one of the first periods where glasses incorporated elements of style rather than just function. The Lorgnette frequently featured a handle on one side but in some cases featured a delicate chain. This style was specifically worn by women as opposed to the monocle, which was popularized in menswear at this time.
The Monocle 1920s and beyond with period photo
The thought of wedging a circle of glass into your eye socket feels very eccentric by today's standards but you can’t deny the swagger of this 1910’s Arizona woman rocking her monocle. Sporting a monocle on a chain clipped on at the pocket became a major eyewear trend for women during the early 1910’s and 20s. While more comfortable eyewear took over in the 30’s and 40’s the mystique of the monocle continues to fascinate hipsters and stylists alike.
Faux Earring Chains 1960s on mannequin
During the Mod era round shapes and bold colors gave rise to a model of sunglasses where the arm consisted of a chain with a large circle disk to perfectly mimic the look of a dangly pendant earring. The style of these shades belonged firmly to the 60s but the designers of today continue to modify this look to bring it into contemporary fashion.
Croakies 2000s on woman in green jacket
The Noughties were a bold time for sunglasses: Neon frames, lightly tinted lenses, bold shapes, the list goes on. But Amber Rose made croakie history when she brought the sunglass chain out of the era of 80s grandmas and into the trends of 2000s street fashion. These Chanel shades gained a cult following in their day but the bold chain of these croakies lives on in the trends of today.

DYLAN LEX Croakies Comeback 2020 lifestyle image

In an era of facemasks and social distance we are excited to contribute to a movement in design where you can accentuate your eyes and personal look even if you’re just going to the grocery store and back. Croakies hold such a fascinating place in fashion having served as practical tools and playful accessories. DLEX will continue to celebrate this style by building upon the fashions of the past and reimagining the future. Check out our latest additions: Leila and Mae.