Everybody needs a vintage-feeling, luxe, and distinctive belt. In this world of fast fashion, a solid one can be hard to find. What may look like a sturdy and comfortable belt might turn out to be a stiff, and weak belt that starts to peel and crease after a few wears. If you do go the vintage route, sizing can be tricky as it's a one and done deal. A statement belt is something to invest in, like skincare or shoes; better to buy a couple of items that’ll last for a very long time, than countless ones that won’t last the year.

This winter is the season to say goodbye to boring old plain belts, and say hello to unique and eye-catching pieces that turn a basic little black dress into something that will really turn heads. Here is a visual list of the types of belts that you totally need in your life:

DYLAN LEX Heather Mooney black belt with DYLAN LEX Michelle on woman

If there’s one thing you need in your wardrobe, it’s a black leather belt. It’s a staple, especially in the colder months when layering is a must. HEATHER MOONEY is the ultimate everyday belt; perfect for pairing with highwaisted trouser or low rise leather pants (length selection will vary depending on how you'd style her). Her simple but memorable design goes with anything from a blazer, jumpsuit, to I’m-just-grabbing-some-coffee-at-the-neighborhood-spot casual wear. Her width allows you to put her through most belt loops, which is a real bonus... and her vintage details will absolutely set you aside from everyone else - having them ask the question, "where'd you get your belt?" Oh! And another thing, you can layer her! Upgrade a basic dress and wear her with our MICHELE belt for extra glam.

DYLAN LEX Gilded Zora gold belt with DYLAN LEX Frida earrings lifestyle image
DYLAN LEX Gilded Zora gold belt with DYLAN LEX Frida earrings lifestyle image from behind

It's important to add a belt to your mix that is entirely embellished. Typically sitting at the high waist (the smallest part of your waist) is most flattering for pieces like this one. ZORA isn’t your average belt, she’s like the crown jewels of belts. We doubled up on the chain to give her a little more oomph and for not having an crystals, she really shines. The front closure has adjustability so you can really cinch her at the natural waist. Check out her 18 karat gilded counterpart here too, for gold lovers who prefer a warmer tone.

DYLAN LEX Romy black belt with Romy, DYLAN LEX Scout and DYLAN LEX Gilded Lola lifestyle image
DYLAN LEX Romy black belt lifestyle image

ROMY is the high-waisted belt of (y)our dreams, as not only is she extremely versatile, but you can also attach your own charms (or swap out some from our other belts and necklaces). She’s at her most at-home with a simple black blazer, or a chic body-con dress. The handmade belt is adorned with large circular hardware, as well as small coins that hang near the buckle. We have also used mixed metals so she can be worn with both silver and gold. Don’t settle for a dull old strip of pleather this Winter, treat yourself to something luxurious.

Do you prefer a classic leather belt, or something metallic full of charms? Drop us your thoughts in the comments!