Plant collection in home near window

Not sure if you’ve noticed, but as of 2018, interior design + decor became a competition to see who could fit the most plants into a room before they were running a full blown nursery.

Plant collection in home near window

I am completely fascinated by our generations' OBSESSION with indoor plants. Is it about balance? Color? Do people need the comfort of plants to stay sane? Maybe it's a little bit of everything -- but hey, no judgement here.

It wasn’t until living in quarantine that the urge to bring the outside in really made sense to me. Now I spend my days thinking of all the bizarre and beautiful ways I can add plants to my apartment and build a millennial fortress of my own.

Ahem... fun fact that I recently learned: they sell plants on Amazon!

Fiddle Leaf Fig plant in woven pot

This visual is classic; a woven basket with a little Fiddle Leaf Fig tree. The bleached basket and the dark moody leaves are the perfect accent for your minimalist home fantasies. Hilariously, the popularity of this plant has nothing to do with how easy it is to keep alive and everything to do with being pretty.

From what I’ve gathered, it takes an intermediate level of competence at plant care for you to be able to successfully raise your own little Fig tree.

Snake Plant in raised pot indoors

On the opposite end of the plant-care spectrum is the snake plant, aka Saint George's sword, aka mother-in-law's tongue (love that one), aka viper's bowstring hemp, the list goes on!

If this is your first foray into plant parenting, the snake plant is a perfect starter piece (I say starter because you would be able to stop). You could probably throw this plant out of your window, repot it and it would go on to live a full life. Please do not test this theory!

Plant collection in home near window

The cluster of tiny succulents may be a setup you have experimented with before. If you’re anything like me you forgot they existed and let them shrivel up into little cacti crackers or you watered them so much that they grew bountifully out of their teeny pots and became overwhelming.

If you haven’t guessed it yet, the key is very minimal water! And your miniature plant family will live neatly and happily on whatever surface you choose as their home, in this case a ladder.

Air Plants under glass on a wooden table

I fully thought air plants were artificial when I first saw them. Turns out they are real, living, and easy to take care of! Their defining factor, somewhat clear from the name “air” plant, is they don’t require any soil or base to latch onto! All they need is a soak in room temp water every 10 days or so.

People love hanging them from little glass bulbs or latching them onto walls with geometric holders. I am partial to these little display cases where you can pair with mosses and dried brambles to create a mystical little biodome.

Palm tree in terracotta pot on floor

Basically if you need a friend get a plant, your house and your heart will thank you!