Make a Call, Make an Impact - Why We Partnered with Vital Voices

DYLAN LEX Vital Voices, woman in white clothing wearing silver jewelry

Partnering with Vital Voices was a pivotal moment for us. Given the stark shift in the political climate in 2018, it was important for us to show and support things we stand for. Many of us asked ourselves at the end of 2018 how we can contribute to the political landscape. The decision to partner with Vital Voices was a reflection of who we are at the core, and what we stand for as a company: fighting to end the gender gap through women’s leadership. Studies show that only 2.2% of women-owned businesses are backed by venture capital.

This partnership is a testament to the change we need to make to boost that number up.

Woman in white clothing wearing silver jewelry

Above from our first Vital Voices Collaboration | The STEINEM Necklace and ANGELOU Earrings

Woman in black dress wearing sunglasses and gold jewelry

Above in our Latest VV Collection | The SHELLEY and MALALA Necklaces

Here at DYLAN LEX, we stand for women and the strength they embody. When we reached out to Vital Voices, we were immediately inspired by the incredible grit of their female entrepreneurs. There were so many women who founded companies, created a network, and fought for global advocacy EVERY DAY. When Vital Voices extended an invitation to us to attend their 17th Annual Global Leadership Awards after our quick phone chat, we flew to Washington, D.C. We were in awe of the incredible women we met who were involved with their communities, making strides we knew we wanted to take with them. There were so many women honored that night, showing that true leadership lies in wanting to make a change.

So we made the call. We reached back out to Vital Voices to create a collection of jewelry that would give 50% of proceeds to supporting these women and their ventures. Inspired by the leaders and innovators that make up Vital Voices, our collection was designed to express the strength, imagination, and luminosity of women. We are so proud and humbled to be able to dream up pieces we hope will embolden and remind us to empower one another and feel empowered to change the world. Our pieces, with names inspired by strong female leaders such as Malala Yousafzai, Gloria Steinem, and Maya Angelou, were were created with the intent to extend empowerment through everyday self-expression.

Partnering with Vital Voices is just the first step towards creating change here at DYLAN LEX. We aim to invest in women (and non-binary individuals) who are making an impact on the world. We wanted to get involved and use our platform to support women during this difficult political landscape. Together we can make a difference, and we hope you make a call, to make an impact.

xo, Team DYLAN LEX