ATHLEISURE: Shop Online Brands and How We Style Them

Truthfully, we were never big advocates of Athleisure. But as we have been living the stay at home, stay safe life we've come to love it. Since styling is one of our favorite things to show you - jewels aside - we put together a list of our favorite internet atheisure brands for you..

Black athleisure outfit with DYLAN LEX gold jewelry


If you follow our insta you will see that the black crop tank is ride or die at DYLAN LEX. Loose or fitted, no piece is more versatile when it comes to styling for different occasions.

We dig this piece and others from WONE, a luxury direct to consumer athleisure brand started by Kristen Hildebrand, a former Nike Creative director. She found that large athletic brands were using cheap destructible fabrics with tons of unnecessary embellishments to justify a higher price point. WONE’s mission is to create simple everlasting pieces with fabric quality and great fit. Figure a lifespan of 50,000 washes instead of the industry standard 50!!

Woman in gray sweatsuit and kimono with DYLAN LEX jewelry, man and woman in gray sweatsuit


Sometimes the most striking looks have the simplest elements. Enter: Color blocking. Wear it simple or style with some layering pieces. The look is there already so play around with it and make it your own.

PANGAIA is not only our DYLAN LEX amica, it’s a brand that totally understands how to make color + basics impactful. Their tonal looks are effortlessly chic and make sure that material and make is done in a way that is less harmful for the environment.

Woman in t-shirt, hat and DYLAN LEX jewelry / Woman in gray athleisure apparel


There is no feeling like taking a super casual piece and bringing it into an exciting space by pairing with bomb jewels and accessories. For sure an oversized T or longsleeve is the perfect piece to make this happen. Your body will thank you for the comfort but your eyes will thank you for the fashun.

If there is any brand that is going to bring fresh styles with 90’s vibes it’s Champion. This brand has managed to stay relevant in the fast paced sportswear/athleisure scene and we totally get why. Their basics remain reasonably priced with colors and styles that are fun to wear.

Woman in blazer and DYLAN LEX jewelry, woman in white and black athleisure outfit


Kind of fought this trend to begin with, but honestly, they cover the areas I am most insecure about and make me sweat less then proper leggings so I'm pretty much sold on this one. They’re also basically long underwear we have all collectively decided should be worn as shorts, what could be better? There is something so hilarious about wearing biker shorts for everyday life, so embrace it. Make it bold. Find a stand out color, fabric, pattern and then style the sh*t out of them with a powerful blazer, oversized sweater or top, and of course some bling.

For my money Carbon38 totally gets that leggings / biker shorts should have some personality. Their textured leather or latex looking fabrics are super sleek and snug so it actually holds you in.

Black athleisure outfit, on and off the slopes lifestyle images


Sometimes you want to feel like a stylish catwoman and that is something we support. Whether you're styling a look that is a one piece or a fitted shirt and leggings, it can be a lot of fun to build off of sleek sporty pieces!

Luisaviaroma is a great online luxury retailer with a TON of product. Their Sport section in particular gives you some curated brands and selections that will definitely help you build a look that is both lux and flexible.