Accessories Just In Time For SUMMER

It's about that time of year! We're finally saying goodbye to the cold and rain, and welcoming in brightness and warmth. I don't know about you, but we love supplementing our summer wardrobe with new, versatile accessories each year. So, we want to offer up some ideas for new pieces you can easily incorporate into the summer fits you already own! You're welcome :)


First up, we have the Diana Ross Top. This new backless tank, handmade in India, is sure to uplevel your summer looks. We love wearing this on those hot summer days as it's light and breathable. No worries about sweat stains here! Pair it with your favorite bralette (or nothing #freethenipple), and you're good to go! This top has dual use, and can also be worn as a chic swimsuit coverup! She's truly iconic like 'The Supreme' Diana Ross herself.



Next, we have one of our new statement rings, HANDLE IT. This piece let's the world know that you've got you! You're handling life as it comes with the utmost grace and confidence. Need a reminder of the badass b*tch you are heading into summer? Add HANDLE IT to your daily ring collection and be constantly reminded that you are bold, beautiful, and powerful!

P.S. This ring is also a reminder that is ok to ask for help. Knowing when to ask for help is an attribute of your strength.



Behold BEAU II. This simple, yet elegant and elevated statement necklace can be worn in any setting. You name it! From your favorite beachside cafe, to outdoor venues and festivals, to making a statement at work, or making yourself feel good at home, BEAU serves your purpose always in all ways. Coming in 3 different lengths, you can wear BEAU as a choker or a long chain. Pair BEAU with a sundress, high cut or low cut top, layer with other pieces (inspo below) and you have a complete summer look! 


Need even more versatility? Swap the DLEX logo for one of our Zodiac Charms! We think astrology is powerful and wearing pieces that match your sign, help you feel more connected to who you are.  



Now... want to see what they all look like together? 



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