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Introducing our first-ever line of sustainable clothing made from 100% recycled materials. The ethos behind our brand are one-of-a-kind statement pieces that can last forever in your closet AND be passed down through generations -- which is why we are now introducing our commitment to eco-friendly fashion because there is no Planet B.


This Dakarai Akil custom shirt pays homage to the powerful women in the artist's life in the epic style of black surrealism: "This design which is my favorite of the three is a dedication to four women in my life that have helped shape and mold me into who I am. Pamela is my mother, Jellybean and Armenia are my two very strong grand mothers and Rae is one of my closest friends. All four of these women have pushed me and supported me my whole life. Sometimes I feel like there’s just never enough I can do to show them my deep love and appreciation for them so the idea to dedicate part of this collaboration felt like it was only right." Learn more about Dakarai here. 


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  • Upcycled Tee 
  • Unisex in Fit